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Use telecollection with a contact rate of more than 50% and a success payment of more than 70% with RBT services.

Voice Collection Reminder

Remind your customer bills before the payment date with the potential payment can increase by more than 30%.

Digital Tracing

Track your customer data for more information with over 30% success rate.

What we are

Radar Bintang Timur

A company that was founded in 2014 and developed in 2019 into a professional company oriented to Partner satisfaction

RBT is a company engaged in bad credit collection services both as a reminder and non-performing loans with an orientation to problem solving both to partners or creditors and debtors

Our focus is on problem solving, both analysis and planning as well as actions that are in accordance with standard collection procedures that are good for creditors and debtors as well as interested stakeholders

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> 50%

Contacted Rate

> 70%

Success Payment


Area Network

> 30%

New Info Customer

Our Services

We provide various services that can grow your business

Collection Service

  1. Radar Object Repossesion
  2. Radar Telecollection
  3. Radar Voice Reminder

Digital Service

  1. Radar Digital Tracing
  2. Radar Object Tracing
  3. Radar Data Service
  4. Credit Feature

Radar Whatsapp Panel

  1. WA Blasting
  2. WA Multi Agents Connect
  3. WA Record History

Collection System

  1. Telecoll Web Panel
  2. Whatsapp Web Panel
  3. Collector Mobile Apps

Collection Agents

  1. Radar Mata Elang Net
  2. Collection People Hiring
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